GEXcel International Collegium (GEXcel) offers a limited number of Open Positions for scholars, who on a fully self-funded basis want to visit the GEXcel environments in order to carry out research at Linköping University or Örebro University or Karlstad University. The time period may vary.


The fellows, who meet the selection criteria of research excellence within the given research strand/field, will carry out GEXcel research activities together with the core membership of the GEXcel and other staff in the respective research environments (professors, PhD students, postdocs etc.) from Linköping, Örebro, and Karlstad universities.​


Open Position scholars will be able to enjoy the attractive research milieu of GEXcel, including exchanges with other GEXcel scholars in residence. They will also be invited to participate in GEXcel events, including internal research workshops and seminars.


Applications to the open positions’ program will be peer evaluated. The evaluation will be undertaken by an evaluation panel consisting of three people: I) an external evaluator II) the chair/s of the relevant GEXcel research strand III) and the local GEXcel co-director The evaluation will be based on four main criteria: 1) the excellence of the applicant’s scholarship 2) the relevance of the proposed research to the given strand 3) the relevance to the overall aims of GEXcel 4) the availability of places for open positions’ scholars in Linköping, Örebro or Karlstad at the given moment.


Applications can be sent in at all times. The applicant will be informed of the evaluation panel’s decision within two months from the receipt of the application. Applications should be sent to the relevant research coordinator of the GEXcel Collegium (see below). Questions about the application procedure can also be directed to one or both of co-directors at one of the three universities hosting the relevant research strand. Questions regarding content of the research proposed can be discussed with research strand chair and relevant co-directors. APPLICATIONS SHOULD INCLUDE: A full CV; A research plan/proposal; A clear indication of the period of time the applicant wants to be in residence at GEXcel, and whether s/he wants to be affiliated with Linköping University, Örebro University or Karlstad University; A letter of motivation, indicating how the applicant intends to contribute to GEXcel research, and with which strands and strand chairs s/he wants to be affiliated. Apply to the GEXcel research coordinator at the university where you wish to spend a research stay as visiting scholar: Karlstad University: Wibke Straube Linköping University: Lauren E. La Fauci . se Örebro University: Dag Balkmar


It should be noted that the appointment as GEXcel visiting fellow does not automatically entitle the appointed scholar to office space, computer, etc. Such facilities will be made available when possible, but cannot be guaranteed. Open Position scholars are not entitled to funding from GEXcel, and they are themselves responsible for finding and funding accommodation.


While staying at GEXcel, the primary task of the fellows will be to devote their time to GEXcel research along the lines of the given thematical foci, including the production of publications and contribution to research conferences. While residing at GEXcel, they will also be expected to actively contribute to the research environment.




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