Research in GEXcel International Collegium is conducted on nine major Research Fields. Each Research Field consists of several research strands, led by scholars involved in the Gender Studies units of the three GEXcel universities. Each involves research projects funded internally and/or by external funding bodies, including the Swedish Research Council and EU Framework Programmes. All Research Fields involve scholars from the Gender Studies units of the three GEXcel universities, as well as other Swedish and international scholars. We define research fields as thematic areas which resonate with more general trends in international feminist research, and which, against this background, provide an umbrella for a cluster of several more specific research strands within the GEXcel Collegium. A principal aim of the clustering of GEXcel Collegium research strands in fields is to expose the many links between the different research strands of the Collegium. We find it important to underline that interdisciplinary feminist research, including the research which is carried out within the framework of GEXcel Collegium, is diverse. A well reflected diversity is, therefore, integrated in the research organisation of GEXcel Collegium


Feminist posthumanties
Research Fields
Research Sub-Fields
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