Bodily Assemblages And Queer Sexualities


This research field will focus on the entanglement of corpomaterialities, affectivity and intersectional power differentials, as well as explore strategies of resistance, in particular, the role of bodies, sexualities, vulnerabilities, pleasure, pain and passions in processes of decolonization and disidentification. It is based on the assumption that intersecting processes of resistance to and decolonialization of hegemonic power relations cannot unfold without being nourished by strong bodily and affective sources. It is taken as a point of departure that human and non-human bodies and environments are disciplined by capitalism, colonialism, technoscience, heteronormativity and other hegemonic power regimes to function in complicity and compliance with intersecting institutionalized norms (gender, race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, age, dis/ability, geopolitical position, regimes of health/illness, etc). But it is also assumed that norms and institutions do not only produce complicity and docility, but that they at the same time also co-produce varying kinds of unease, pain, discomfort, vulnerability etc, which sometimes lead to political immobilization, but in other instances generate resistance and change. It is the aim of the research field to explore such movements of change and their somatechnics – to study the hegemonic technologies of power which are at play, as well as bodily resistances across borders of different intersecting power differentials.




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