RINGS is an international association with the aim of bringing together research institutions engaged in gender and feminist research on a global basis. The principal purpose of the association is to promote advanced and transformative research in transnational cooperation between member institutions. RINGS thus seeks to advance disciplinary and transdisciplinary gender and feminist research with the explicit aim of addressing social inequalities that have gendered roots or consequences. With the global advancement of gender as a key issue in contemporary social movements and cultural formations we believe it is of outmost importance to connect scholarly work in gender studies worldwide. Global inclusiveness is a key notion for the association that is unique within the research field of gender studies. 


The inaugural assembly of RINGS took place at Örebro University, October 23-24, 2014. The inaugural meeting was attended by representatives of 21 centres from 14 countries, with further 16 further institutions showing interest in joining. The participating centres span Africa, Australia, the Caribbean, Europe and North America. The meeting approved the constitution and created working groups. In 2017 RINGS connects over 50 centres. RINGS co-chairs are professors Tamara Shefer (University of Western Cape, South Africa) and Jeff Hearn (Örebro University, Sweden).


Gender studies have expanded dramatically over recent years with regard to scope, depth, and academic infrastructure. The current momentum in research, networking and activism contributes to our belief that it is time to build effective, sustainable networks for taking gender and related inequalities and discrimination more seriously in research. RINGS is doing this by: creating virtual and physical meeting places for generations of gender scholars in various parts of the world; systematically organizing knowledge, know-how and an inventory of funding options for joint projects, and research collaborations; promoting researchers’ mobility, and organizing exchange of scholars between member institutions. Our understanding of gender is inclusive, reaching across many fields but with the common denominator of promoting critical, self-reflective gender and feminist research. Our intention is to counter the Western base of gender studies, and continuously work to include institutions in the Global South and post-socialist Europe. We strongly encourage transdisciplinary work across the Social Sciences, Humanities, Medicine, Science, Engineering and other fields. RINGS is registered and located at the Institute of Thematic Gender Studies, which is a three-university co-operation between Karlstad, Linköping and Örebro Universities in Sweden.




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